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 Creative Chica
When it comes to giving gifts, you’ve got a fabulous flair for creativity. You love to pour your heart and your art into making gifts with a personal punch. Are you ready to take it up a notch? Maybe you’re getting in a rut cranking out handpainted mugs. Sure, you love the “oohs” and “ahs,” but why not try something totally new for a big ta-da! How about intricately beaded jewelry or a hand-knitted cable scarf? Hark! There’s a whole world of make-it-yourself madness out there. Time to venture into new crafty territory.

Care Bear
Who can resist? You’re definitely an all-around thoughtful gal. You love taking care of people and are genuinely concerned about others, which is why you’re the first to speak up if you see a friend doing something that worries you. You’re also a very responsible problem-solver. A word of caution: Practice the nearly-forgotten art of tongue-biting. Rather than offering advice about your BFF’s new (frankly, just too tight) outfit the moment you see her, wait until she ASKS for your opinion. Crank it up! While it’s great to think of others’ interests—don’t forget to pay some attention to your own needs. And while everyone needs a mother, remember that most people already have one! What your buds are really looking for is a friend.

Zipped Lips
Gossip just isn’t your bag. Frankly, you might not be all that into the whole social scene thing altogether. Let’s just say you’re not exactly what would be referred to as a people person. It’s not like you’re a freaky hermit who’s isolated herself from the whole world or anything. You’re just hyper-focused on the things that matter in your life, like maintaining your straight-A average, acing piano or training for cross-country. Why worry about what’s going on in everybody else’s world? Well… Conversations in which you can hear other people’s thoughts and opinions, plus express your own, can be really fun and help you learn and grow as a person. Positive chitchat is good for the soul—and makes you friends in a flash! It’s great to be into your own thing, but are you shortchanging yourself? Perhaps it’s time to think about what makes you bow out of pow-wows with the posse. Maybe you keep to yourself because you’re a little shy. Or are you holding back from gossip because you’ve been burned by nasty rumors in recent history? Could be, too, that you once accidentally spilled the beans on a bud’s secret, so now you’re super-duper cautious to never put yourself in that sort of situation again. Whatever it is that’s got your tongue all tied up in knots, it’s time to let the lips cut loose—just a little. As long as the gabbing doesn’t get ugly, it’s fun to spill about such-and-such’s new-and-improved makeover or listen to the nitty-gritty details of last night’s double date. Don’t let your reclusive tendencies shut you out of the loop entirely. You could be losing out on a lot of major girl-bonding time. Sometimes, it’s good to be in the know rather than Little Miss Solo.