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funny cats

oh look they even use simple spelling so retarded morons like algorythym can sound it out all by itself without having to wait till mommy comes home from her 'job' down at the local corner.

that last one (the one with the guy and the bride) was a pic algorythym donated himself of his 'wedding' to the anime doll he humps so he can have a sex life.


algorythym has a small penis and no balls everytime it goes to the vet its owner has to remind the vet that no that's not a flea that's really just his tiny dick it was made to be slightly bigger then its tiny brain


Some fat retardo called risen_beauty (more like risen_fatty from the pics I've seen) was jealous of the net quiz results I posted and said they were an insult to its 'girlfriend' called 'misty' so checking it out I sent them a PM asking for proof and pics of the gf as I thought he-she (yes risen is a he-she this has been proven) could come up with a better name then misty.

well he-she was kind enough to send me a weblink that he-she said was full of pics of his-her gf 'misty' here is the link they sent


that's right their 'gf' is misty from POKEMON!!!!!!! they think that they're in love with a cartoon!

I asked them for a self pic as I was curious to see them and here is the link they sent me they said had a pic of them on it


 Creative Chica
When it comes to giving gifts, you’ve got a fabulous flair for creativity. You love to pour your heart and your art into making gifts with a personal punch. Are you ready to take it up a notch? Maybe you’re getting in a rut cranking out handpainted mugs. Sure, you love the “oohs” and “ahs,” but why not try something totally new for a big ta-da! How about intricately beaded jewelry or a hand-knitted cable scarf? Hark! There’s a whole world of make-it-yourself madness out there. Time to venture into new crafty territory.

Care Bear
Who can resist? You’re definitely an all-around thoughtful gal. You love taking care of people and are genuinely concerned about others, which is why you’re the first to speak up if you see a friend doing something that worries you. You’re also a very responsible problem-solver. A word of caution: Practice the nearly-forgotten art of tongue-biting. Rather than offering advice about your BFF’s new (frankly, just too tight) outfit the moment you see her, wait until she ASKS for your opinion. Crank it up! While it’s great to think of others’ interests—don’t forget to pay some attention to your own needs. And while everyone needs a mother, remember that most people already have one! What your buds are really looking for is a friend.

Zipped Lips
Gossip just isn’t your bag. Frankly, you might not be all that into the whole social scene thing altogether. Let’s just say you’re not exactly what would be referred to as a people person. It’s not like you’re a freaky hermit who’s isolated herself from the whole world or anything. You’re just hyper-focused on the things that matter in your life, like maintaining your straight-A average, acing piano or training for cross-country. Why worry about what’s going on in everybody else’s world? Well… Conversations in which you can hear other people’s thoughts and opinions, plus express your own, can be really fun and help you learn and grow as a person. Positive chitchat is good for the soul—and makes you friends in a flash! It’s great to be into your own thing, but are you shortchanging yourself? Perhaps it’s time to think about what makes you bow out of pow-wows with the posse. Maybe you keep to yourself because you’re a little shy. Or are you holding back from gossip because you’ve been burned by nasty rumors in recent history? Could be, too, that you once accidentally spilled the beans on a bud’s secret, so now you’re super-duper cautious to never put yourself in that sort of situation again. Whatever it is that’s got your tongue all tied up in knots, it’s time to let the lips cut loose—just a little. As long as the gabbing doesn’t get ugly, it’s fun to spill about such-and-such’s new-and-improved makeover or listen to the nitty-gritty details of last night’s double date. Don’t let your reclusive tendencies shut you out of the loop entirely. You could be losing out on a lot of major girl-bonding time. Sometimes, it’s good to be in the know rather than Little Miss Solo.


Dec. 28th, 2008

 A brown haired girl, about 29 walked into Sun Hill station. She had a black leather jacket on and she went to the front desk introducing herself and then sat down when she saw a officer walking towards her.
"Hello I'm Neil Manson, I'm a DI here." He introduced himself. 
"Hello brother, not sure you remember me but I'm Hailey." She said coldly.
"No I'm sorry I don't know you." Neil said.
"So you don't recognise your own sister? great detective you are." Hailey said rolling her brown eyes but inside she was hurt. "Anyway I'm the new DC here, is the DCI around?"
Neil looked shocked as he stared at her then he remembered the day when Hailey was taken away, the day where she screamed for Neil to protect her. He shook his head through.
"Its up the stairs to the left." He said and Hailey glared and said "Nice to know my own brother never really cared" before walking up.
She walked up and knocked on the DCI's door and he told her to come in,
"Hello I'm Hailey Manson, I'm the new DC here." She introduced herself. Jack looked interest and nodded,
"Manson? Are you related to Neil Manson?" Jack asked and Hailey nodded.
"I'm his sister." She explained and Jack nodded getting up and showing Hailey to the CID. 
Neil was in his office thinking to himself and pulled out a picture of him and Hailey before she was taken away. He stood up taking out a stuffed kitten and walked to where Hailey is and gave her the kitten.
"I am sorry I didn't recognize you straight away but I never could forget you." He told her and she looked at the kitten.
"It's not gonna make me like you, you're still the same, just leave me alone." Hailey said.
"Hailey, please tell me why you are so upset with me?" Neil asked her and Hailey turned to him with tears.
"Why?! Why?! You could have stop them from taking me to that abusive place, but NO you wanted daddy all to yourself! You were just a spoilt little brat!" Hailey screamed, tears coming down her face.
"What are you talking about, I couldn't stop them I was just a kid." Neil asked but didn't touch her yet, in case she lashed out and stopped talking.
"Why did daddy let them take me?" Hailey asked instead, "Didn't he love me?" looking up at Neil then in a whisper, "I'm sorry I blamed you brother."
"No it's ok, as a big brother I should protect you." Neil sighed. Hailey suddenly held out her arms and Neil pulled her into a hug.
"Neil, I'm scared my last foster parents are still after me." She whispered hugging him.
"What do you  mean? What did they do?" Neil asked concerned.
"They would beat me for no reason and  I ended up in hospital after they sexually assaulted me once before I got away." She admitted.
"Oh Hails I'm sorry." Neil told her as he began to rock her side to side.
"Neil, please can you protect me now from them can you?" Hailey asked him staring into his brown eyes.
"Yes Hailey, Yes." Neil told her when Jack came in and gave some paperwork to Hailey then left.
"Shame, paperwork on my first day." Hailey whined and backed away when a guy and women walked in smirking.
"We have found you Hailey Payton Manson, must say this station doesn't have good security." The guy smirked. Hailey frowned stepping into Neil's protective hold.
"Who's that?" Neil asked seeing her scared expression.
"Foster parents," she whispered in fear and looked at the two. Neil got his bullet and glared at the two and jumped them handcuffing them just as Smithy and Callum rushed in.
"You are under arrest for child abuse, you have the right to remain silence but anything you do or say can and will be taken in evidence." Neil hissed at the foster parents before handing them over to Smithy and Callum.
"Nice work brother." Hailey said grinning at Neil and hi-5ed him, Stuart who just was just walking in walked into a pole out of shock.
"Whose that?" Hailey asked looking over at Stuart.
"Stuart, your partner." Neil said and Hailey nodded.
"Great I got a partner who looks like a pest who thinks he is the women god and walks into poles. Am I right?" Hailey asked looking at Stuart who was rubbing his sore head.
"You are fully right." Neil laughed, "Hailey would you like to stay at my place tonight? I got a spare room?"
"That would be nice." Hailey smiled to him. That night Neil sat up the room and Hailey sat down looking up to him and smiled softly as he sat down cuddling her and started to sing the song they shared when she was little.
Sometimes in our lives we all have pain
We all have sorrow
But if we are wise we know that there's
Always tomorrow

Lean on me when you're not strong and
I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long till I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on
basil is the bomb!

Please swallow your pride if I have things
You need to borrow
For no one can fill those of your needs
that you won't let show

Just call on me sister when you need a hand
We all need somebody to lean on
I just might have a problem that you'd understand
We all need somebody to lean on

Lean on me when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long till 'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on 

Just call on me sister when you need a hand
We all need somebody to lean on
I just might have a problem that you'd understand
We all need somebody to lean on

If there is a load you have to bear
That you can't carry
I'm right up the road, I'll share your load
if you just call me 

Call me (if you need a friend)
Call me 
Call me (if you need a friend)
Call me (if you ever need a friend)
Call me (call me)
Call me (call me)
Call me (call me)
Call me (call me)
Call me (call me)
Call me (if you need a friend)
Call me (call me)
Call me (call me)
Call me (call me)

Dec. 28th, 2008

Name: Hailey Payton Manson
Age: 29
Address: Three blocks down from Sun Hill Station
Describe self (physically): 
Brown hair, brown eyes with slight pink tint. She always wears her hair up in pink bow, black shirt with Black leathered jacket and black jeans with a black belt. She has a sapphire necklace and ruby ring.
Describe personality:
Hailey is a caring, outgoing girl with a short temper and she doesn't forgive people easily. She enjoys her job and can be a rule breaker at times. Hailey is protective towards animals and young children, she hates people who abuses animals or young people.
History: (what schooling did your character have? jobs? hobbies. why has your character chosen the job/hobbies??)
Hailey was moved from foster home to foster home from the age of 9 until she was 18 when she joined the police training. Sun Hill is the second station after the last station she worked at got blew up. She choose police work so she can stop criminals and people who hurt animals and children.
Description of home:
Past: moved from foster home to foster home
Present: It is a fancy looking apartment, she got two cats and a dog. Its very clean.
Family life:
Her mother had depression and she was taken away by social services. She is Neil Manson's sister. She has a grudge against Neil until he gives her back a stuffed tabby cat, she wasn't allow to bring with her when the social services took her.
Where brought up:
Different places
Biggest problem in life:
Not being able to forgive someone easily
Aims and Ambitions:
Her aim to become the best police officer she can be. Ambitions is becoming a police officer in the first place and being reunited with her brother.
Description of Job/place of work:
Sun Hill is a friendly, caring station. They are the top station in London and Hailey enjoys working there.
Where socialize and who with:
Her best friends at Sun Hill are Sally, Millie and Max (her crush). She is starting to rebuild her friendship with Neil. She however finds DC Mickey Webb a little cold at times and hard to get along with. 
Favourite food: Seafood
Favourite song: Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake
Favourite film: Anything with Tom Hanks in it
Past holidays: She once went on a trip to New York City.
How much money in the bank: 500,000 pound.
Who love the most: Neil, despite the fact she blames him for taking her away
Who hate the most: her mother
Regrets: Shooting a innocent guy when she first become a copper
Where would like to be in ten years time: Not sure yet
What say on tombstone: Loyal Copper, who never gave up despite at the risk of her life.
 - December 18 -<tr><td style="padding-top: 4px; padding-right: 4px; padding-bottom: 4px; padding-left: 4px; font-family: arial; font-size: 8pt; text-decoration: none; ">You are fun to be with and have a good sense of humor. You are very ambitious and hate it when people try to bring you down. You are logical, social and loyal.</td><td width="96" rowspan="2" style="font-family: arial; font-size: 8pt; text-decoration: none; ">QuizGalaxy.com</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" style="padding-top: 6px; padding-right: 6px; padding-bottom: 6px; padding-left: 6px; font-family: arial; font-size: 8pt; text-decoration: none; ">
Positive Traits:
creative, humanitarian, philanthropic, generous, broad-minded</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" style="padding-top: 6px; padding-right: 6px; padding-bottom: 6px; padding-left: 6px; font-family: arial; font-size: 8pt; text-decoration: none; ">
Negative Traits:
drama queen, codependency, martyr complex, fickle, low self-esteem</td></tr><tr><td colspan="2" style="border-top-width: 2px; border-top-style: dotted; border-top-color: grey; padding-top: 6px; padding-right: 6px; padding-bottom: 6px; padding-left: 6px; text-align: center; font-family: arial; font-size: 8pt; text-decoration: none; ">'What does your Birthdate mean?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td></tr>
What will your Soulmate be like?QuizGalaxy.com
Your soulmate will be your best friend. You will have so much fun with them every day.

Your soulmate will always know how to cheer you up with their sense of humour.

Whenever things get tough, your soulmate will encourage you to excel.

In your life together, your soulmate will help you to become kindhearted and happy with yourself.

Your soulmate will love you because you are a relaxed and happy person who enjoys the simple things in life.

Sea Patrol: Protecting Julie

 Blaze was staring out to sea while Hammersley sailed along, she wasn't feeling well. She heard someone coming up onto the deck and looked over at Swain who was looking at her concerned.
"Spill, what's is wrong?" He asked.
"Nothing." She lied.
"I don't believe you."
"Well I'm fine, so you can go back to what you were doing."
"Ok," He Nodded and walked off. She sighed turning back to the sea and then got up walking back to her bunk when her phone called and it was her ex calling her again,
"What do you want?" She demanded into the phone not noticing Swain standing there.
"WHAT I WANT! I WANT MY DAUGHTER BACK, YOU WILL GET HURT IF I DON'T GET HER BACK." The ex threatened and Blaze shook with fear.
"You....You will never get her back...I'll make sure......sure of that." Blaze said still not noticing Swain who was watching this and hanged up close to tears.
"Is everything ok? And don't lie." Swain asked sitting down beside her.
"My ex, he wants our daughter." Blaze said and she burst into tears turning to the medic burying her face in Swain's open arms, "He said if I don't give her to him, he......he.....he......he...... will harm me."
"It will be ok, I won't let him harm you or your daughter." Swain told her and she nodded in tears clinging to him.
"She is only a little girl, I can't lose my Julie, Swain I can't lose her." Blaze cried.
"Ok, ok. I think we should talk to the boss now, we'll deal with it together." Swain said and Blaze nodded slowly getting up as she held onto Swain's arm as he walked to Mike's office and knocked on the door.
"Come in" He called and both stepped in, Blaze still had tears in her eyes. Mike looked at them concerned.
"Sir, my ex is threatening me, if that if I don't give my daughter to him, he will harm me. I can't handle the thought of losing Julie. She is only 4, is there anything the navy could do to protect us?" Blaze asked trying to be professional.
"I don't know really, we've never had a situation like this before. I find out and let you know." Mike said.
"Thanks sir." Blaze nodded and left walking into her bunk, sitting down looking at a picture of her daughter, tears in her eyes. Swain sat next to her pulling her into a hug and she cried into his shoulder.
"I'm going to lose her Swain, I'm going to lose her." Blaze wailed hard.
"No, you won't. Who's looking after her now?" Swain asked.
"My sister Zabrina, she's a copper." Blaze answered, "Swain, she won't survive if she goes to leave with her father." She started to cough from being so upset and Swain took her to the sick bay laying her down. 
"Does she know what your ex is like?" Swain asked and Blaze nodded.
"Yes, listen whatever happens you can have a restraining order against him, full custody of Julie. Listen lye down, sleep and deal with it when you get up, but you need to calm down a bit." Swain told her.
"I don't want to be alone, can you or one of the others stay with me?" Blaze asked quietly looking up at the medic. 
"I'll stay" Swain said as she fell asleep.
A few hours later
Blaze rang up Zabrina who helped her get the restraining order and told her the court date was in two days.
few days later
Luckily Blaze was awarded custody but her happiness was long lived when her ex kidnapped Julie. Blaze started to cry into the arms of Swain.
"He's gonna kill her." Blaze cried hard,
"He won't, just relax and let the police handle it, she'll be fine." Swain tried to comfort her.
"Swain this is all my fault, this is all...." She trailed off throwing up everyway. Swain took her to his house before getting her cleaned up. 
"This isn't your fault, Julie will be fine. The police and FBI is doing everything to get her back." Swain comforted her while the two sat on his couch.
"How do you know that?" Blaze said still sobbing.
"Because it's their job, and I was a police officer before I joined the navy." Swain told her.
"How traumatic could this be for her?" Blaze asked lying her head on Swain's chest.
"Depends on what he does to her but I'm sure you can help her through this." Swain said when the door opened and Blaze gasped when Julie run to her and she rushed to her picking up her up, Zabrina smiling to her.
"Blaze, would you and your daughter want to move in with me?" Swain asked.
"Love to." Blaze said holding Julie near. Blaze and Julie moved into Swain's house and her ex got 25 years for kidnapping. Sally and Blaze got on very good and Julie enjoyed helping taking care of Swain's daughter.


Writer's Block: Better to Receive

Sometimes it's the thought that counts, and other times it's the thing itself. What's the best gift you've ever received, thoughtful or otherwise?
The most thoughtful gift this year was a warriors book from my bro, i never knew he knew my fav book series